COVID-19 Is Not A Death Sentence – Why The World In Much Panic?

The fear that has struck the world due to the new novel virus popular known as the COVID-19 cannot be described by mere words as the virus keeps on spreading forcing WHO to declare the virus as a pandemic.

Globally, there has been some form of shortage of surgical masks and gloves, prices for sanitizers have been hijacked in this short period, panic buying of foodstuff, cancelling or restrictions on mass events, countries closing their borders and the crisis in the world economy market.

Though authorities around the world have assured people not to panic, the more they issue the consolation the more it sends a chill of fear down the skin of the people.

The death rate of the virus has proven the virus is not a death sentence as compared to some calamities that has plagued the world like HIV/AIDS (100% death rate), Ebola (90% death rate) or the H1N1 which affected more than 700 million of the world’s population killing about 150,000 – 570,000 people globally, road accidents which kill millions of people every year.

The current death toll of the virus worldwide is 7,178 out of the 183,805 confirmed cases and 79,911 patients have recovered from the virus.

With every statistics indicating that the virus is not a death sentence, why is the world still in panic?

No Vaccine Available: The first reason why is the is in much panic is the idea of no vaccine available. We are nowhere near a vaccine at the moment though the world has been hit by a more serious plague in the past before. To make matters worse, the current antiviral drugs available have proven futile against the virus. Nations like the United States of America, United Kingdom, China and other powerful wigs with very advanced medical facilities are still struggling with the virus.

Unpredictable Nature of Virus: We still don’t know the extent of the enemy we are fighting with, though not deadly at the moment as feared early, the fatality of the virus is still not predictable. The unpredictable nature of the virus as clouded the world with this much fear.

The Unknown Number of People Infected: No one feels safe if the enemy fighting is invincible. Currently, over 198,000 confirmed cases globally have been reported but this is only the reported cases, the number of people who have been infected is still a mystery since the virus can live with a carrier for days without any visible symptoms such as what happened in Italy, infecting over 31,000 people in less than a month.

The Different Conspiracy Theories Surrounding The Virus: There are many conspiracy theorists who are so busy making so much noise over COVID-19 on how the virus was designed to wipe some portion of the world’s population. Among these theories include: The virus was a means created by the Chinese government to control the protesters in Hong Kong, it a population control scheme sponsored by Microsoft owner Bill Gate, a bioweapon created by the USA to inflict a serious blow to the Chinese economy.

How The Virus Has Affected The World’s Economy: In less than three months of the virus’s global outbreak, the world economy has come to a standstill. Many trading centres around the world have been closed down or restricted, festive and religious activities have been cancelled in almost every place the virus has been recorded. This has forced many panic buyings causing shortages and price hijacking.

People have the right to feel scared of the virus but the intensity of the panic caused by the virus is exaggerated due to the lack of education on the virus.

In Ghana, the virus has been seen has some sort of death sentence with the level of attention given to the virus. Some religious leaders have even declared the virus as “demonic” contributing to the end time.

The COVID-19 is not a death sentence as feared by many but is a flu that we need to be cautious of so has to avoid similar accidences recorded in the past.