Coronavirus: A timeline of how the deadly COVID-19 outbreak is evolving

Here’s the timeline of how the Coronavirus outbreak evolved from Wuhan city in China and spreading its tentacles across the world.

20 MAR:

South Korea reports 87 new cases

– South Korea confirmed 87 new cases and three additional deaths, bringing its totals to 8,652 cases and 94 deaths.

Death toll crosses 10,000 worldwide

– The COVID-19 death toll has crossed 10,000 across the world, as of the end of 19 March.

– The total number of infected people has increased to 244,000 while the recoveries stand at 86,000.
Italy’s death toll crosses China’s
– The death toll in Italy stands at 3,405, surpassing the number of deaths in China which stands at 3,252.

– The total confirmed cases in Italy stands at 41,035, more than half of that in China which stands at 81,193.

19 MAR:

Deaths in France reach 372

– French health reported an increase in death toll by 108 to total 372, representing a surge of around 40%.

– The number of cases jumped to 10,995, a 20% rise in 24 hours.

Israel orders stay at home

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tightened a nation-wide stay-at home policy to control coronavirus spread.

– The country confirmed 573 cases to date.

Croatia registers first death

– Croatia reported its first death in a 70-year-old man. The country confirmed 102 cases to date.

Chad reports first case

– Chad government reported its first case in a Moroccan national who arrived from Cameroon.

Iran reports 1,284 deaths

– Iran reported that COVID-19 is claiming one life every ten minutes in the country, raising its toll to 1,284, said health ministry in a tweet.

– The number of infections in the nation increased to 18,407.

Brazil death toll reaches six

– Brazil reported deaths of two elderly patients in Rio de Janeiro, increasing the toll in the country to six. The country registered nearly 430 cases.

Cambodia confirms 47 cases

– Cambodia reported ten new cases, taking its total to 47. The country will ban entry for all international travellers from midnight on Monday.

Greece has 464 cases

– Greece confirmed 464 cases and recorded six deaths, according to a health ministry official.

Mexico reports first death

– Mexico reported its first death as a 41-year-old citizen who was suffering from diabetes. The number of cases in the country jumped by 27% in the last 24 hours to 118 from 93.

US CDC confirms nearly 10,500 cases

– US CDC reported 3,404 new cases to total 10,491 infections. The country reported its biggest daily jump in death toll from around 55 to 150.

– California governor ordered its 40 million residents to stay at home starting tonight.

Bank of England cuts interest rates to 0.1%

– In a second emergency cut since the outbreak began, the Bank of England has reduced interest rates to 0.1% in an attempt to limit the economic impact of the virus.

Spain records 200 new deaths

– With 209 additional deaths, Spain’s death toll increased to 767.

– A surge of approximately 25% increased the total cases in the country to 17,147.

First death in Russia

– Russia’s first casualty was a 79-year-old woman in Moscow with underlying health issues.

– The country has reported 199 cases so far.

Fourth death, new cases in India

– India has confirmed its fourth Covid-19 death, while the number of infections increased to 184.

– The country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for citizen curfew on 22 March.

Thailand reports 60 new cases

– Thailand confirmed 60 new cases in the biggest daily jump, taking its total to 272. The country registered one death to date.

Malaysia reports 110 new cases

– Malaysia reported 110 new cases to total 900. Majority of the new cases were linked to a religious gathering by 16,000 people at a mosque.

UK’s MHRA commits to prioritise and support Covid-19 clinical trial applications

– The UK’s healthcare regulator The Medicines and Healthcare products (MHRA) has declared it will prioritise assessments of Covid-19 clinical trials, as well as providing rapid advice to manufacturers and other regulators.

– This builds upon the MHRA’s response to previous outbreaks, such as Ebola.

Mauritius registers first three cases

– Mauritius reported its first three cases, including two who worked on cruise ships and one who returned from the UK.

South Korea has 152 new cases

– The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 152 new cases, taking the total to 8,565.

– South Korea had confirmed fewer than 100 new cases for four consecutive days until Wednesday.

World Bank increases response package to $14bn

– The World Bank has increased its support package for businesses and economies to $14bn.

Wuhan and Hubei report no new cases

– China’s epicentre of the outbreak, Wuhan, and its Hubei province have reported no new cases for the first time.

Death toll rises to 8,800

– The death toll due to COVID-19 coronavirus has increased to 8,809 as of the end of 18 March.

– The total confirmed cases has passed 218,000 worldwide while recoveries stand at 84,000.

UK deaths rise to 103

– The death toll in the UK increased from 71 to 103, including a total of more than 2,640 cases.

California governor says 60,000 homeless could contract COVID-19

– California, US governor said that according to models more than 60,000 homeless people in the state could contract the novel coronavirus over the next eight weeks.

– The US has more than 9,400 cases and 150 deaths so far.

18 MAR:

Portugal declares emergency

– Portugal declared 15-day state of emergency to combat coronavirus. The number of cases in the country neared 650.

Italy reports 475 more deaths

– The death toll in Italy increased by 475 to 2,978, a surge of 19%.

– The total number of cases jumped by 31,506 to to 35,713, up 13.35%, said the Civil Protection Agency.

Swiss cases cross 3,000

– The number of cases in Switzerland has jumped to 3,028, including 21 deaths.

France reports 89 new deaths; total 264

– France confirmed 89 new deaths in the past 24 hours, taking the death toll to 264. The number of cases in the nation reached 9,134.

Cases in Singapore reach 313

– Singapore’s health ministry reported 47 new infections to a total of 313.

– Starting Friday, the country will impose self-quarantine measures for 14 days on everyone entering, as well as citizens and residents.

Second death in Turkey

– Turkey confirmed its second death in a 61-year-old male. The first fatality occurred on Tuesday.

– With 93 new cases, the nation’s total increased to 191.

Cases in Spain reach 13,716

– Spain health emergency center head Fernando Simon said that the country’s total cases surged to 13,716, including 558 deaths.

Iran’s death toll rises to 1,135

– With 147 new fatalities, Iran’s death toll jumped to 1,135.

– The total infections in the nation had reached 17,361, with 1,192 new cases in the last 24 hours.

Austria announces €38bn aid package

– Austria Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced up to €38bn aid to secure jobs and ensure coronavirus affected companies remain liquid.

– The country is also offering €9bn in guarantees and warranties, €15bn in emergency aid and €10bn in tax deferrals.

Study says initial infections on Diamond Princess came from a food worker

– In a study published by the CDC, it was found that the initial cases of the COVID-19 on the cruise ship came from food workers.

– It stated that of the 20 confirmed cases of crew members, 15 were from foodservice members.

– Malta will stop all incoming passenger flights from Saturday to prevent spread. The country has 38 cases, of which 32 contracted the infection abroad.

– Malaysia closed its borders with Singapore, starting a 14-day partial lockdown as the number of infections in the country reached 673.

Kyrgyzstan, Djibouti, Zambia register first cases

– Kyrgyzstan recorded its first cases in three citizens who returned from Saudi Arabia.

– Djibouti confirmed its first case as a Spanish national who was part of a 32-member Spanish special forces unit that came to the country on 14 March.

– Zambia’s health ministry confirmed its first two COVID-19 cases today.

Moldova confirms first death

– Moldova confirmed its first death today, while the cases in the country increased to 30.

– The nation declared a state of emergency on Tuesday.

Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia report new cases

– The Philippines’ health ministry reported 15 additional cases to total 202.

– Indonesia recorded 55 new cases, taking the total to 227, including 19 deaths and 11 recoveries.

– With 117 new cases, Malaysia registered 17% rise in infections to total 790.

South Korea reports 93 new cases

– The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported 93 new cases to total 8,413. This is the fourth consecutive report of fewer than 100 new cases.

Cases in India reach 149

– The number of cases in India reached 149, including one new case each in Pondicherry and Pune, Maharashtra.

First death, new cases in Pakistan

– With new cases reported on Monday and Tuesday, the number of cases in Pakistan reached 236.

– The country also confirmed the first death of a suspected coronavirus patient in Lahore, Punjab. The patient is reported to have recently arrived from Iran.

– Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Pakistan cannot currently afford the economic cost of closing down its cities.

WHO calls for ‘aggressive’ action in Southeast Asia

– The WHO has asked Southeast Asian countries to implement ‘aggressive’ action to control the spread of the virus.

WHO regional director Poonam Khetrapal Singh said: “More clusters of virus transmission are being confirmed. While this is an indication of alert and effective surveillance, it also puts the spotlight on the need for more aggressive and whole of society efforts to prevent further spread of COVID-19.”

New Zealand reports new imported cases

– New Zealand has confirmed eight new cases, all in people who had recent international trips, said the health ministry.

– The total number of cases in the country reached 20.

Death toll increases to 7,900

– The death toll due to COVID-19 has increased to 7,900 as of the end of 17 March.

– The total cases cross 198,000 while the recoveries stand at 81,000.

17 MAR:

Australia declares human biosecurity emergency

– Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared a human biosecurity emergency, which enables closure of cities or regions, curfews and quarantine.

– Currently, the country’s travel advice is ‘Level 4: Do not travel’ to any country worldwide.

– The government also banned non-essential indoor gatherings of more than 100 people.

Italy registers 345 more deaths; total 2,503

– Italy’s death toll surged by 345 to 2,503, a jump of 16%, said the Civil Protection Agency.

– The total cases in the country increased by around 12% from 27,980 to 31,506.

Gambia, Barbados, Montenegro and Montserrat report first case

– Gambia confirmed its first case as a 20-year-old woman who had recently visited the UK.

– Barbados registered its first two cases in a 48-year-old visitor from the US and a 39-year-old female national who returned from the US.

– Montenegro reported its first cases in two females who returned from the US and Spain, said Prime Minister Dusko Markovic.

– Montserrat recorded its first case among the three samples sent abroad for testing, said health ministry.

Brazil confirms first death

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro reported the nation’s first death, while Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro declared a state of emergency.

– The number of cases in the country stand at 321.

– Finland interior minister Maria Ohisalo said that the country will begin to heavily restrict traffic over its borders from Thursday. The country has 319 cases to date.

– Bosnia declared a nationwide state of emergency as the number of cases in the country grew to 26.

– Vietnam will impose mandatory quarantine for all arrivals from the US, Europe and ASEAN regions. The country, which confirmed 61 cases, will also suspend the issuance of new visas.

– Canada’s Ontario banned gatherings of more than 50 people, closed bars and restaurants to control coronavirus spread. The number of infections in Canada reached 407, including four deaths.

– Sri Lanka, which reported 28 cases, banned all incoming flights for two weeks.

– Planemaker Airbus will suspend production in France and Spain for the next four days.

– Hong Kong will quarantine all people entering the city for 14 days from midnight on Thursday.

– Swiss federal health agency’s head of infectious diseases Daniel Koch said that hospitals in the country could collapse if the novel coronavirus continues rapid spread.

– China’s Shanghai has extended quarentine to visitors from the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria. The city already imposed same measures for passengers from France, Spain, Germany, the US, South Korea, Italy and Iran.

– Carmaker Volkswagen is preparing to suspend production to contain coronavirus spread.